Date Night Couples Massage Seminar

I understand that it is sometimes impossible to come in for treatments (whether its financial reasons, time, or comfort), so I have come up with a variety of seminars to meet your at home spa needs.  Every seminar is completely Ethical, Professional, Educational, hands on, and is approved by proper State Authorities. Please note: Attending Seminars does not certify one to be able to provide service for Income, but is designed to assist one’s or couples optimum massage and spa needs at home.

Hope to see you soon at one or more seminars.

Registration: Please email: Book an appointment online, or Call (253)735-0995 with the best dates and times that work with your schedule. All Seminars are by Reservations Only.

Thank you.

Couples Massage Seminar………………………………………$150 (Two Hours, per couple)

Do you and/or your spouse/significant other have chronic massage needs.  Let us show you how to relieve your stress, and tense muscles at home.  No more excuses to not knowing how.  We will give you specific tips catered to your at home massage needs. During seminar you will learn how to reduce your partner’s tense muscles, massage tricks, and a lot more.  Class sizes are Small up to 3 couples at a time, Individual couple classes, Senior Citizen AM discounts, and Home Party classes Available upon request. This is a hands on seminar please wear loose clothing tank tops and shorts.  Spa doors will be open to couples 15 minutes prior to each seminar for meet, greet, and to fill out intake forms.  If you would prefer we will send you intake forms via email.  Massage Oils, Lotions and accessories will be available to purchase after seminar.

Seminars are Available by appointment!:

Fridays  9:00 am – 11 am/ 5:00 pm – 7:00pm

Saturday’s 2:00 pm -4:00pm

Class Schedules are subject to change.  If additional times are needed Please Email us or Visit Facebook for additional information or specials.